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Samurai 7 stageplay re-run

Good morning, everyone. :D

If you haven't heard yet, it's been announced that there will be a re-run of the Samurai7 stage-play this year. There are a few casting changes, but for the most part, I expect it to be almost identical to the first play (which ran two years ago).

Dates: November 20th (Sat) to December 5th (Sun)
Location: Aoyama Theater, Tokyo
Katsushirou - Miura Shouhei
Kyuuzou - Nishijima Takahiro (AAA)
Shichirouji - Aiba Hiroki
Heihachi - Tachibana Daigoro
Gorobei - Takahashi Hiroki
Kikuchiyo - Sumitani Masaki (Razor Ramon/Hard Gay)
Kanbei - Katou Masaya

Kirara - Mizuno Erina
Hyougo - Maruyama Atsushi
Shino - Hikita Hidemi

Ukyou - Nakagawa Akinori

(Photos can be found here.)

Takahashi, Sumitani, Katou, and Mizuno will be reprising their roles as Gorobei, Kikuchiyo, Kanbei and Kirara respectively.

I don't know about the others, but I know that the previous Kyuuzou, Nakagauchi Masataka, will be performing in another show (the off-Broadway musical, [Altar Boyz]) at the same time, which is most likely why he is not reprising his role as well.

Tickets are on sale now, so if you're in Japan or plan to be in Japan during the run of performances, please try to go see it yourself! Prices are 9,500 yen for S seats and 7,500 for A seats.

Unlike last time (when I only saw the final show), I'll be seeing this one twice - once on the second day of the run in November (2nd row!), and then again for the final show. This means that I'll be able to report on both the regular performance, as well as the special extras & speeches during the final show.

I hope to see some of you at the show!

Official Website
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