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Hey, remember me?

Um, yeah, Hi. It's lilith_queen , again. I've been wanting to get back into the fandom as more than just an observer. I want to write fic again. Specifically, I want to rewrite that Second Chances fic. *shudder* So I have two questions.

1. Can anyone who read it tell me what they thought? What was good, what sucked? How was my characterization? My plots? The overarching romance (or failmance)? In short, begging for concrit. Especially if you never commented while reading it the first time.

2. To keep my muse going, I need fic. Good fic. Can anyone rec good Kirara fic? Or Ukyo fic (although I suspect I may have read everyhing out there already). Or art. Link me good Ukyo or Kirara art--or even better, Ukyo/Kirara art--and I will pay you in chapter dedications and fanart. Or fic. Your choice.
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